Digest Booklet Printing - 4 Money-Saving Tips Your advertising needs are extensive but your canada goose jacket on sale budget is not, so the big question is, "How do i print a booklet without breaking the bank? " Follow these money saving tips from experts in the field to get the perfect results at the perfect price. Tip #1: Templates from your Printer Time is money so whenever you save time, you save money. One of the easiest ways to save time and money when printing a digest booklet is to use templates from your printer whenever possible. Professional printers have an array of pre-formatted templates to choose from online that can be easily customized to meet your advertising needs. There is no reason to waste hours of your valuable time when time-saving resources are just a mouse click away. Tip #2: Transfer Files Electronically Gone are the days when your executive assistant dubbed as your personal courier. Most offices house at least one computer so take advantage of it for communicating with your printer! You can upload files you want to include in the layout and download the proof when it is ready for you to examine. (One thing to be aware of is file extensions. Most up-to-date word processing programs have the option to save in the cross-platform PDF option. Use it whenever possible to avoid conflict between your operation system and your printer's. ) Tip #3: Targeted Distribution Before distributing your digest booklet, take the time to canada goose jackets on sale research targeted market groups. Needless distribution can be costly because it doesn't get results. For instance, your booklet is focused on medical needs of senior citizens with appropriate targeted advertisements. There will perhaps be some articles with useful information for seniors and/or their caregivers and advertisements of products and services for that demographic of the population. It wouldn't be cost effective to distribute your booklet in middle suburbia because those consumers are likely in their thirties and forties and as such, would have no need to read your publication. Targeting distribution is a huge money-saver. Tip #4: Save your Layout for your Next Ad Campaign While this particular money-saving tip doesn't do you much good on your first booklet or digest, it will provide considerable savings with each successive booklet printing. The basic layout can be saved and the only thing that needs to vary from printing to printing would be copy and/or advertisements. Of course the cover will probably need to change as well, but once you have a layout that works, try to stick with it to save time in the future. The ads from repeat business are already in the layout so only new advertisers will need to be included. Again, time is money so save as much as you can. While printing a digest booklet can get expensive, there canada goose jacket are ways to cut back costs with a few money-saving tips. These are just a few tips for saving time and money. Take a few moments to browse your printer's website for even more tips that can cut the cost back even further. Printing websites have a wealth of information you can take advantage of to save yourself time and money. Plan a results-driven ad campaign to literally own your market with special sections, booklets, or digests.

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